U.N. General Assembly rejects Trump on Jerusalem decision despite his threat

The United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly Thursday to rejects President Trump’s controversial declaration recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Trump threatened to withhold aid in retaliation for a vote condemning his position.

The U.N. body voted 128-9 to declare Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital “null and void.” Thirty-five nations abstained.

The measure, drafted by U.S. ally Egypt, urges nations to support U.N. resolutions dating to 1967 — when Israel captured East Jerusalem from Jordan — that call for Jerusalem’s status to be decided through negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.

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EU rejects Trump’s Jerusalem move


EU foreign ministers on Monday in Brussels rejected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s request to join the U.S. in recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Earlier, Mr. Netanyahu had asked the EU to ask allies to join the U.S. in Jerusalem move, but was met by a firm rebuff from EU foreign ministers who saw the move as a blow against the peace process.

Making his first ever visit to EU headquarters in Brussels, Mr. Netanyahu said President Donald Trump’s move made peace in the Middle East possible “because recognising reality is the substance of peace, the foundation of peace.”

Mr. Trump announced on December 6 that the U.S. would recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, breaking with decades of U.S. policy and international consensus that the ancient city’s status must be decided in Israeli-Palestinian talks.

Israel, which annexed East Jerusalem after capturing it in a 1967 war, considers the entire city to be its capital while Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of a future independent state.

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Iraq War: British Court rejects bid to sue Tony Blair


Britain’s High Court on Monday rejected a bid by a former Iraqi general to file a case against former prime minister Tony Blair for a “crime of aggression” in joining the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Lawyers for former Iraqi army chief of staff, Abdul Rabbat, wanted to sue Mr. Blair and his foreign minister and attorney general at the time.

Britain’s House of Lords, the unelected upper house of parliament, ruled in 2006 that English law has no “crime of aggression” despite its existence in international law.

The High Court rejected Mr. Rabbat’s petition for a judicial review of a lower court’s decision last year.

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WikiLeaks rejects U.S. intelligence report that Russia leaked materials


WikiLeaks on Monday rejected a U.S. intelligence report that Russia passed on leaked information to the whistle-blowing site as part of efforts to influence the recent U.S. elections.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange dismissed a report published on Friday by the CIA, FBI and National Security Agency as “embarrassing’’ and said it lacked evidence.

The report was an example of how “the U.S. intelligence services have been politicised by the Obama administration,” Mr. Assange said.

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Trump’s spokesman Miller rejects new job


Jason Miller, President-elect Donald Trump’s spokesman says he will not take the job of White House Communications Director he was nominated for on Thursday.

Miller announced in a statement that he would not continue on to the White House, citing family reasons.

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