Dozens killed in an attack on Shiite cultural center in Afghanistan


Dozens of people were killed when suicide bombers set off multiple explosions at a Shiite cultural center in the Afghan capital of Kabul on Thursday.

At least 41 people died and 84 were wounded when an unknown number of attackers set off an explosion outside the center in the Dasht-e-Barchi neighborhood in the west of the city, authorities said. The militants stormed the two-story building before setting off other devices in the basement.

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U.N. General Assembly rejects Trump on Jerusalem decision despite his threat

The United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly Thursday to rejects President Trump’s controversial declaration recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Trump threatened to withhold aid in retaliation for a vote condemning his position.

The U.N. body voted 128-9 to declare Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital “null and void.” Thirty-five nations abstained.

The measure, drafted by U.S. ally Egypt, urges nations to support U.N. resolutions dating to 1967 — when Israel captured East Jerusalem from Jordan — that call for Jerusalem’s status to be decided through negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.

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Trump to cut aid to countries that support UN resolution on jerusalem

The U.S. President, Donald Trump, has threatened to cut financial aid to countries that back a United Nations resolution opposing the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Mr. Trump earlier in December formally recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and said the U.S. embassy will be moved to the disputed city.

The U.S. decision was condemned by other World leaders. The UN Security Council voted against recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The Security Council resolution affirmed that any decisions on the status of Jerusalem were “null and void and must be rescinded”, and urged all states to “refrain from the establishment of diplomatic missions in the holy city”. The U.S., Continue reading “Trump to cut aid to countries that support UN resolution on jerusalem”

Google to increase number of staff detecting extremist content on YouTube


The U.S. IT giant, Google, will increase the number of employees engaged in the detection of extremist content on its video-sharing service YouTube, as well as other materials violating the service’s rules, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said.

In June, Google announced additional measures to counter the spread of extremist data via YouTube.

The company voiced plans to widen the use of technologies to identify extremist- and terrorist-related videos, to attract more experts to its programme of identifying problematic videos, toughening the rules as for the content that did not clearly violate YouTube’s rules and to expand its role in struggle against radical movements.

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Zimbabwe: China, EU speak on Robert Mugabe’s exit

China said on Wednesday that it respects Robert Mugabe’s decision to resign as Zimbabwe’s president, a week after the African country’s army and Mugabe’s former political allies moved to end his four decades of rule.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Lu Kang, made the remark during a news conference, adding that China’s policy toward Zimbabwe would not change.

The 93-year-old Mr. Mugabe finally resigned on Tuesday, moments after parliament began an impeachment process, prompting dancing in the streets of the capital, Harare.

China has close ties with Zimbabwe and traditionally also with Mr. Mugabe himself, who is reviled in the West as a despot whose disastrous handling of the economy and willingness to resort to violence to maintain power Continue reading “Zimbabwe: China, EU speak on Robert Mugabe’s exit”

Malta offers one million euro reward for information on slain journalist


Authorities in Malta on Saturday offered an “unprecedented” 1 million euro reward and full protection for anyone with information on who killed an investigative reporter with a car bomb.

A government statement called the October 16 car bomb slaying of Daphne Caruana Galizia, 53, whose reporting on corruption targeted the prime minister and other top figures on the southern Mediterranean island, a “case of extraordinary importance.”

It said, in an “unprecedented measure,” it was offering the money to “whomever comes forward with information leading to the identification of those responsible” for her slaying.

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Death toll rises on terrorist attack on Nigerien, American soldiers


Four Nigerien troops and three U.S. soldiers were killed in an attack earlier this week in southwest Niger near the border with Mali, the Defence Ministry said on Friday.

The ministry updated the casualty figures from the ambush on Thursday, adding the death toll of their own forces to the three soldiers already named by the U.S. side.

Eight other Nigeriens were wounded, as were two members of the U.S. forces who are providing training to the Nigerien Army on combating extremists in the region.

The joint patrol was ambushed by terrorist elements in a dozen vehicles and on 20 motorbikes,” Niger’s Defence Ministry said in a statement.

Niger’s President Mahamadou Issoufou said in an earlier address that the terrorist attack had claimed “a significant number of victims.”

“Our country has once again been the victim of an attack by terrorist groups,’’ Issoufou said in a speech on Thursday at the opening of an economic forum in the capital Niamey.

The U.S. Africa Command has said their two injured servicemen have been evacuated to Germany for medical treatment.

The attack took place around 200 kilometres north of Niamey, near the border with Mali, where the terrorist group al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is active.

White House says no change in position on Paris climate agreement


The White House said Saturday it has not changed its position on the Paris climate accord and will withdraw from the agreement that President Trump has called unfair to the United States unless it can be re-negotiated.

The statement came in response to published reports by the Wall Street Journal and AFP that a top European climate official said the U.S. would “not re-negotiate the Paris Accord, but will try to review the terms on which they could be engaged under this agreement.”

The climate official, Miguel Arias Canete, was meeting with ministers from some 30 countries in Montreal on Saturday to push forward on implementing the Paris deal without the U.S.

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North Korea warns U.S. over sanctions, pushes ahead of UN vote


North Korea warned the U.S. on Monday that it would pay a “due price” for spearheading efforts for fresh sanctions on the regime following its latest nuclear test.

However, diplomats say the UN Security Council will vote on the issue later in the day.

But a U.S.-drafted resolution originally calling for an oil embargo on the North, a halt to its key exports of textiles and subjecting leader Kim Jong Un to a financial and travel ban appears to have been watered down to placate Russia and China, which both have veto powers, diplomats said.

It no longer proposes blacklisting Kim and relaxes sanctions earlier proposed on oil and gas, a draft reviewed by Reuters shows. It still proposes a ban on textile exports.

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Police arrest Hurricane Irma looters caught on camera


 Police arrested dozens of people accused of looting hurricane-shuttered stores around Fort Lauderdale as brutal Hurricane Irma bore down on the beachside city 30 miles north of Miami.

Fort Lauderdale police said they arrested nine people Sunday on suspicion of looting a pawn shop and nearby shoe store. Two teens were arrested for breaking into six homes Saturday night as the storm intensified. The Broward County sheriff’s office said the two teens were arrested in Weston, about 35 miles north of Miami, after evacuated homeowners, watching their houses remotely, saw the teens breaking in. One of the teens was shot and wounded by a deputy, the sheriff’s office said.

“Going to prison over a pair of sneakers is a fairly bad life decision,” Fort Lauderdale police Chief Rick Maglione said in a statement. “Stay home and look after your loved ones and be thankful they are all safe.”

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