Trump uses Twitter in China despite ban


U.S. President Donald Trump went around and over the “Great Firewall” of China in a late-night tweet in Beijing as he thanked his hosts for a rare tour of the Forbidden City and a private dinner at the sprawling, centuries-old palace complex.

Many Western social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are banned in China.

A sophisticated system has been built to deny online users within China access to blocked content.

That was not an issue for Mr. Trump, known for tweeting to his 42.3 million followers at any hour of the day, on Wednesday, the day he arrived in Beijing.

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U.S. to replace travel ban with targeted restrictions


The U.S. is preparing to announce targeted travel restrictions to replace an earlier controversial travel ban aimed at visitors from six Muslim-majority nations, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

The Department of Homeland Security is recommending country-by-country restrictions for about eight or nine nations that have not met standards on counterterrorism efforts and passports, U.S. officials said.

Officials had originally expressed concern about 17 nations, but many of those subsequently addressed the concerns and were not included in the proposal.

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Rooney gets two-year driving ban


Former England captain, Wayne Rooney, has bagged a two-year driving ban and has also been ordered to perform 100 hours of unpaid community work after pleading guilty to drink-driving charges in court on Monday.

The Everton striker apologised for his unpardonable behaviour following his sentencing by a court in northern England for being nearly three times over the drink-drive limit while his pregnant wife and their three sons were on holiday.

Stockport Magistrates’ Court was told a breathalyzer test showed Rooney’s alcohol level was 104 micrograms in 100 millilitres of breath.

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U.N. Security Council approves new sanctions against North Korea, but no oil import ban

The U.N. Security Council on Monday unanimously approved new sanctions against North Korea for its growing nuclear and ballistic missile programs, but the measures did not include an oil import ban favored by the United States.

The resolution is a watered-down version of what the U.S. initially proposed, removing the demand to ban all oil imports to the North and to freeze international assets of the government and leader Kim Jong Un, according to the Associated Press.

The action comes after North Korea conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test just over a week ago, which it claimed was a hydrogen bomb. The Trump administration had proposed harsher restrictions placed on Pyongyang last week, especially on oil.

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Valerie Plame Wilson wants to buy Twitter and ban President Trump


Valerie Plame Wilson’s on a mission to get President Trump off Twitter.


By buying it, of course.

Wilson — best known for being revealed as a CIA operative because of a leak during the George W. Bush administration — has started a GoFundMe page to buy a controlling interest in Twitter, in order to delete the president’s account. The company is currently worth nearly $12 billion, with its shares going for around $16.

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Britain will publish plan to ban petrol, diesel cars by 2040


The British Government is set to publish its plan to ban petrol- and diesel-fuelled vehicles by 2040 in a bid to improve air quality by reducing nitrogen dioxide emissions.

“The publication follows months of consultations on how to reduce the impact of diesel vehicles, and accelerate the move to cleaner transport,’’ the government said in a statement on Wednesday.

Britain’s High Court ordered the government to produce a plan following a legal challenge by environmental groups.

“The government will also announce plans to spend some three billion pounds (3.9 billion dollars) on improving air quality, including 255 million pounds for local authorities to tackle diesel emissions,’’ the BBC and other media reported.

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Germany to ban burka’s, masks while driving


Wearing a burka or mask while driving is to be banned in Germany, according to a legislative draft by the Minister of Transportation, Alexander Dobrindt, a report said on Friday.

The government said that accordingly, violations of the law would attract a fine of $67.

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No ban for Germany’s far-right NPD, Constitutional Court rules

Photo: The New Observer

The Constitutional Court of Germany has rejected a bid by lawmakers to ban the far-right National Democratic Party, NPD.

On announcing the ruling in Karslruhe on Tuesday, Court President Andreas Vosskuhle said that the party’s radical ideology was not enough to merit a ban.

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Rio Paralympics: Saudi power-lifter gets 8-year drugs ban


Saudi Arabian power-lifter Mashal Alkhazai has been suspended for eight years following the second positive drugs test of his career

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