Robert Mugabe of sacked from ruling party Zanu-PF



The ruling party in Zimbabwe, Zanu-PF, has sacked the country’s long-time leader, Robert Mugabe.

After a meeting of party leaders held on Sunday, officials said ex-Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was fired by Mr. Mugabe two weeks ago, has been appointed leader of the party, the BBC reports.

It was the sacking of Mr. Mnangagwa that triggered last week’s takeover of power by the military, thus stopping Mr. Mugabe, 93, from installing his

Grace was also expelled from the Zanu-PF at Sunday’s meeting.

The Southern Africa Development COmmission, led by officials from South Africa, have been mediating between Mr. Mugabe and the military.

The meetings continue on Sunday and are expected to ensure a peaceful exit of Mr. Mugabe from Zimbabwe.